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101 Abortions Project

The word "abortion" in and of itself invokes a very specific image for the pro-life crowd. That particular image is offensive, inaccurate, and invalidating. 

Women are fighting an uphill battle against those who believe that speaking your mind and demanding equal rights should earn you labels that invalidate your experience. 

We can call bullshit all day long, but what can we actually do to have our voices heard and our right to choose affirmed by those who advocate to have it taken from us?

We need to calmly and organically share our stories. 

My vision is to publish a collection of 101 abortion stories from real pro-choice women. 

Not "come to Jesus" stories about women whose stories support the pro-life agenda, but stories where women had to make a choice and are thankful they had that right - and that don't regret the choice they made. 

We can only hope to take away the shock value of the word "abortion" and normalize the fact that regular, adjusted, healthy, happy women have abortions. They are moms, daughters, sisters, and aunts. They are doctors and dentists, food service workers, homemakers and teachers. They are artists, dancers, students, and activists. They are women from every walk of life, and their stories deserve to be told. 


Plus Size Models
Couple with Daughter
Colleagues in Hallway
Mother and Daughter Meditating
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