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Like most older millennial women, I have quite a bit to say. Fitting the intersectionality of a being a mother of eight children, a writer, a queer, a diagnosed autist, a knitter, crafter, and artist, a Jew in training, and so on - I have even more to say than I probably should. Although blogging in general tends to be a slightly outdated practice, I found solace in my blog "All my Arrows," which I built up for ten years. It focused mostly on my life as a conservative christian and my musings as a wife and mother. When that chapter of my life began to reach its natural conclusion, I realized there was no longer a place in the All My Arrows blog for the narrative my family is currently living - Namely, my choice to convert to Judaism and their audacious choice to follow. In this process of switching gears, I decided to consolidate, to some degree, my online presence. I have a cute little following in multiple places that could easily meet in the middle and experience all the content I have to offer. More than anything, though, I need a place to be myself and share my obscure reality with the internet. So - a new blog it is!

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